Presidential Suite Receives 

2 Grammy® Awards!

• Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album
• Best Instrumental Composition: “Spoken at Midnight”

TED NASH BIG BAND PRESIDENTIAL SUITE eight variations on freedom is a creative musical take on history from GRAMMY®-winning composer/saxophonist TED NASH who transforms key moments from historic speeches – as read by influential figures from the worlds of arts, politics and sports – into an emotionally affecting suite of modern jazz. Featured Guests are GLENN CLOSE reading Aung Sun Suu Kyi • DEEPAK CHOPRA reading Jawaharlal Nehru • ANDREW YOUNG reading Nelson Mandela • JOE LIEBERMAN reading John F. Kennedy • SAM WATERSTON reading Lyndon B. Johnson • DOUGLAS BRINKLEY reading Ronald Reagan • WILLIAM VANDEN HEUVEL reading Franklin Delano Roosevelt • DAVID MILIBAND reading Winston Churchill and special musical guest WYNTON MARSALIS.

Packaged in a tall format, two-disc set with a 40 page booklet Presidential Suite includes fascinating liner notes written by pop and presidential culture specialist Douglas Brinkley (Presidential History commentator for CNN, Rolling Stone profiler for Vonnegut, Mailer, Kesey, Bob Dylan…) with NY Times Best-Selling Author Kabir Sehgal (Jazzocracy, Bucket of Blessings, Coined… ).

“When I hear a speech offered from the soul of a great person, I’m moved by the rhythm, the cadence, the pauses, what it communicates, and even the audience’s reaction. It’s like music. Great political speeches inspire us to believe we are capable of achieving great things together. It is my hope that when people listen to Presidential Suite, they will be reminded not only how far we have come but also how much we still have to do regarding human rights and freedom.” ~ Ted Nash

Creative Process

How a speech by Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India, became Ted Nash’s Spoken at Midnight. Presidential Suite features a unique compositional approach. Nash transcribed the actual pitches and rhythms of the speeches and then transformed them into motifs, riffs and grooves, placing each into musical contexts that embrace the character, location and era of the speaker.

About Ted Nash

Grammy-winning artist Ted Nash enjoys an extraordinary career as a performer, conductor, composer, arranger and educator. Born in Los Angeles into a musical family (his father, Dick Nash, and uncle, the late Ted Nash, were both well-known jazz and studio musicians), Nash has that uncanny ability to mix freedom with substance, blues with intellect, and risk-taking with clarity. He is a co-founder of the New York-based Jazz Composers Collective, a musician-run, non-profit innovative entity dedicated to presenting the original works of composers pushing the boundaries of their self-expression. Nash is also a long-standing member of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, with Wynton Marsalis.

Nash has become one of the most significant jazz composers of the 21st century. His recordings have received wide critical acclaim, appearing on the “best-of” lists in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Village Voice, and The Boston Globe. Portrait in Seven Shades, his first big band recording, garnered two Grammy nominations. His following big band album, Chakra,  received critical acclaim and charted on Billboard. Jazz Times Magazine on Chakra: “A lover of film and television scores as well as symphonic works and big-band jazz, Nash turns what could have been an esoteric, new-agey affair into music that swings and pops with tension and release as much as it beguiles.”

“It’s the genius of Ted Nash to realize that a stirring speech also has inherent musical qualities: lyrics, cadence, rhythm, and melody…”

From the liner notes by Kabir Sehgal and Douglas Brinkley

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“To call ‘Presidential Suite’, the new album by the Ted Nash Big Band, ambitious is an understatement…In words and music, Ted Nash delivers a timely message of hope and inspiration…” – Jazziz
“As we live through the most contentious and divisive political cycle in US history, the Ted Nash Big Band Presidential Suite: Eight Variations On Freedom couldn’t be more relevant.” – All About Jazz
“A new album that sets history—famous speeches read by famous people—to music.” – TIME
“Ted Nash’s ‘Presidential Suite’ is delightfully surprising…The music is serious and impressive…” – The Weekly Standard
“It’s the genius of Ted Nash to realize that a stirring speech also has inherent musical qualities: lyrics, cadence, rhythm, and melody.”
– NY Observer
“This album represents what is good about politics and deserves your attention.” – Behind The Note
“The superb instrumentalist-composer-arranger responds to major speeches via jazz.” – The Chicago Tribune
“Presidential Suite is an ambitious, culturally trenchant album…” – Jazz Chill Blog
“Ted Nash offers us a profound musical reminder about the values of freedom and democracy around the globe.” – Ken Franckling, Jazz Notes
“Presidential Suite is most certainly evidence of Nash’s admirable and intellectual aims as a composer.” – CMUSE

Speech is a form of art: an expression of human creativity that is appreciated for its beauty or emotional resonance

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